Our wedding party

We want to keep things simple. My Maid-of-Honor is Christi Bishop, my besty. I will have one bridesmaid and that will be my sister Holly Cargill-Cramer. Kerry has asked one of our closest long time friends, James Hobbs, to be his best man.

My father has passed away so our daughter, Victoria 'Tori' Milkovich, will walk me down the aisle. I couldn't be happier that she has agreed to do this. I think we should make quite a picture.

There will also be three wonderful women that will be assisting me to prepare for the wedding & manage things on that day. I am referring to them as 'My Something Blue Ladies'. Every bride needs 'something blue' and they will be wearing blue corsages on the day of the wedding. If you need help or have a question look for the blue corsages. They are (in no particular order) Carol Gallagher, Sherry Newcomer, and Erin Shomaker. I wouldn't be able to pull this off with out these ladies. Thanks Girls!

And I can't leave out my fairy godmother. You see I won the grand prize at the bridal show at the Holiday Inn in February, so I'm feeling like Cinderella. They are providing me with a mostly free wedding. Shannon Schulze (my fairy godmother) is the awesome lady in sales that has been taking care of me. She is really sweet and it has been wonderful working with her.  I hope we will remain friends when this is all over.

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